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The Story of 

​Dre Saturn...

In the far future, Dre Saturn embarks on an interstellar adventure where he’ll encounter ruthless marauders, visit a majestic alien world ruled by a young Queen, and come into contact with a mysterious orb with an almost God-like power that holds his destiny.


This six-part issue coming-of-age saga at its heart centers around family, friendships, belonging, and faith. On his intergalactic journey, Dre Saturn will learn what it means to become a man.  Will he embrace his destiny?


"The Beginning" -- the first issue of this sci-fi fantasy adventure graphic mini-series, introduces readers to our band of nasty marauders who steal the mysterious powerful Omega Orb. Lord Czarr, leader of the marauders, tries to uncover the Orb's secret, and in doing so is given a vision of the one who may hold the answers he seeks -- a young man from Earth name Dre Saturn.   



Earlier versions of the characters and story were first published as a monthly comic strip from 1997-1998 in the Brooklyn College newspapers. 


Twenty years later, writer/creator K.A. Bland, with art by iBenz, has resurrected the characters and story for a new generation. Now in the form of a new sci-fi fantasy adventure graphic mini-series called  “Dre Saturn: Child of the Orb”.




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